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Mordryth's Jurnal


7Th Day Cont....

Posted by Mordryth , 08 May 2014 · 1,123 views

After some investigation, and discussion, we determine that there is no way of moving, or disposing of the bodies without releasing the contagion.  Our next step is to make sure that no one else can cast the Gentile Repo se spell upon them.  This will cut off the force that is actually sustaining the various diseases.  Once the spell expires, the people,...


7Th Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 22 April 2014 · 1,276 views

Once the battle is over, and Bryan has seen to Nagmar, we decide to rest for the night and regain our strength. When we rise in the morning, we investigate the battle area, now that we have light. The only things left of Haakon, besides a pile of dust, is a sword, a ring mail shirt, and a fur cloak. I identify the first two for Nagmar, and save the cloak...


6Th Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 April 2014 · 1,127 views

After we all had come to our own agreements with our Devil friend, he imparted upon us some of the knowledge he had on the key to defeating Kaetilmund. It appears that our corax themed advisory is located in a valley close to our location. He also informed us that the floating orb with the assortment of blades is one of two eyes used by Kaetilmund, extra...


5Th Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 1,021 views

After two days of travel on what is not my horse, we reach our destination. As we gaze upon the ruin and decimation before us, Sir Tamerlin tells us the history of what happened here. Apparently this mound of rubble and ruin was once a prosperous town. That is until Kaetilmund the Raven came and razed the town, killing everyone and erasing the town from t...


2Nd Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 818 views

We woke early and gathered in the common room of the Pegasi.  In only a few short moments our guide arrived with our horses, ready to take us to Raven Hill.  There were still a few people hanging around to see us off.  We left the inn without talking and took to our horses,  luckily the inn had something prepared that we could eat on the road.   Our two d...


1St Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 632 views

The warning about the horns did very little to alleviate their sudden and invasive blasts.  My head feels like is shrank in size, forcing my skull out through my eyes and ears!  I stumble to the window and open it. Immediately my eyes are attacked by a blinding searing light. As I take in my surroundings the painful drilling in my scalp subsides to a dull...


30Th Day Of The Month Of Harvest’S Bounty, In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 925 views

We set sail for Shaehen on board the ship, The Sirens Pride.  She was piloted by the second most annoying gnome I have met.  Nagmar spent most of the voyage pacing the deck, full of nervous energy.   His anxiety is almost palpable.  He is taking the release of Hakon very hard. I think I need to develop a contingency plan should his zealotry take things to...


29Th Day Of The Month Of Harvest’S Bounty In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 10 February 2014 · 776 views

Everything moved in slow motion as I watched Nagmar charge the other wizard.  I tried to stop the behemoth, but he never slowed down.  As he made contact with the caster, a loud boom was all I could hear as I was knocked back against the wall.

    No sooner had the wizard dropped than the casket burst open.  A large man with rippling muscles burst out...


Lost Book

Posted by Mordryth , 10 February 2014 · 513 views

the information in this jounal is missing


Firey Heads Of Doom

Posted by Mordryth , 05 April 2012 · 1,724 views

24th day of the month of harvest's bounty in the year 440  

Shortly after entering a larger cavern I sensed movement in the darkness.  The hour had come at last.  I quickly cast freezing weapon on Nagmar’s axe.  As Nagmar moved forward, Kern moved around a large rock formation to the right.  Then all hell broke loose, as the Hydra let loose two turr...

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