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6Th Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 April 2014 · 1,116 views

After we all had come to our own agreements with our Devil friend, he imparted upon us some of the knowledge he had on the key to defeating Kaetilmund. It appears that our corax themed advisory is located in a valley close to our location. He also informed us that the floating orb with the assortment of blades is one of two eyes used by Kaetilmund, extra planer in origin I’m sure. The Devil tells us that it would be in our best interest to dispatch the two “eyes” thus weakening the raven’s power base. As he was parting, the Devil gave one last verbal jab at Nagmar.
With the nights festivities over, we return to the location of were the hut was until dispelled. We then proceed with the remaining watches, and sleep. Nothing more happens during the second half of the night. Upon wakening, I revive the campfire and busy myself making breakfast. Once finished, and everyone is gathered, we discuss the days plan of finding the valley. It appears that our best plan at the moment, is to attempt to lure our the eye again. Contemplating on how to accomplish this task, I ascend to the top of the hill. Although not very high, the hill offers a sobering view of the level of destruction that was brought upon this place. It is like a gaping wound in the very soul of the earth itself. I wonder if I will ever have such a battle fought in my name.
Once at the top, I look at the ancient dead tree. On a hunch, I attempt to detect magic on this monument to death. There is nothing supernatural here, only a carved inscription in the language of the elves that reads, For the gentle folk of Brethil, Lost in mind and slain in body, May their misled souls lay at rest, And know guilt was not their own your standard post slaughter drivel. As I contemplate our next move, a quick movement in the far tree line catches my eye. I look as see a glimpse of what appears to be a small face peering out of the foliage, then it is gone. I call out to my party and I run towards the spot I saw it. I hear the others take up the chase as well, and am soon at the edge of the woods. I slow down as I enter the woods, and continue on.
By this time, Kern and Nagmar have caught up to me, but I have lost the trail. Kern points out that there are no birds or wildlife in the area at all. I send Ragde up to the trees to scout around the eerily quiet forest. We hear a loud thumping sound off in the distance, and make our way in that direction. The rest of the party have all but caught up to us and we proceed with stealth and caution. We see a group of three individuals in a small clearing up ahead. A dwarf, a human female, and a human male. We continue on our stealthy intercept course.
Once Nagmar is close enough he charges the female, knocking her back. Then Cham moves up and casts sleep on the group, dropping only the human male. This is good, it keeps one of them alive for questioning later. After the human drops a Halfling jumps out from behind a tree and circles around to fire his bow at Nagmar. As they fight, Opal moves around to engage the dwarf, and I use what spells I deem appropriate in the battle. It does not take us long to dispatch the three combatants. Once they are dealt with, I take the sleeping man, and after removing his equipment, I tie him to a tree for questioning. As the others go over the former groups belongings, I notice that Nagmar is not marking the corpses in his usual manor. I know why, but not why. Why does he not wish these as his minions in the afterlife, if they have no visible markings associating them with the raven?
Before reviving him, I cleverly place an arrow into the tree, at crotch level. I wanted to douse it with oil, but none of us have any, pity. With the human securely bound, we revive him and Opal and I attempt to interrogate him. We need to find out who these people are, and if they are affiliated with Kaetilmund in any way. Unfortunately, Cham tries to help too, and only strengthens the prisoners resolve. We decide to leave him for now, I hopes that after being tied to the tree for a while will loosen his tongue a bit. Before we look over the area, I light the edge of the arrow on fire, hoping to motivate him with the thought of a fire moving slowly to his crotch.
We discover the sound that brought us to this clearing. There is a mutilated body tied to a tree, riddled with arrows. As I ponder what brought this person to their fate, Kern approaches and asks if any of these people were the face I saw. I quickly look them over, and determine that they are not who I saw. Kern then tells me about a small child he just encountered, a girl named Aria. I do believe that the face I saw could have been that of child’s. Kern then relates the girls tale to us.
She followed her parents to the next valley. She was scared for them and she ran off to find a patrol to help her. The patrol was ambushed and then slaughtered by the group we just dealt with. In fact, the mutilated corps tied to the tree was one of the patrol men. When they were killed, the girl took off again to find more help. She came to our encampment and lured us away to help her, and to do away with this group.
After hearing this, I calmly draw my sword and approach the remaining member of the band. There is a cold fire in my eyes as I draw the blade across his throat, killing the worthless slime. The rest of our group is confused by my sudden actions so I explain to them that there is no excuse for harming or endangering a child. They seem content with my explanation and Kern suggests we go back to camp immediately so the girl does not see the carnage we have wrought in the name of justice.
Once back to our guide and our campsite, I make a nice meal for the starving Aria. She eats every bit and drinks some water. Once she is comfortable she retells us what she told to Kern. Out of danger she is more receptive to our questions. With each bit of information the picture becomes more and more bleak. She tells us how her parents were lured away by the sound of drums and pipes, just like they ones at the celebration in Ceberlorn. She tells us the location of the valley they were taken to, and also informs us that there are more there than she can count. She also tells us that the group consisting of her parents, was led away by a metal floating orb. Lambs to the slaughter. With the valley so close, we send our guide and horses to escort the girl back to her village.
We travel in the direction the girl indicated and in a few hours we come to the valley. The sight before us confirms our worst fears. This is the valley all right. The low rhythmic sound of hundreds of drums creates a hypnotic drone. The floor of the valley is blanketed with a thick smoky haze, from multiple camp fires and braziers. Each fire has hundreds of people around it, all mindlessly swaying to the entrancing tunes of the enchanted instruments. It does look like all of the townsfolk from all of the neighboring villages, all slowly dying, waiting to be killed.
After observing the valley from a distance we discuss our next step. Kern volunteers to go down there and gather information. He mentions being quite skilled in this area. Interesting, I did not know. I will make a note of this from future reference. We all agree that this is our plan. I request that he take Ragde with him down to the valley. The extra set of eyes will be helpful, plus should an emergency arise he can bring us a warning rather quickly. Everyone agrees to this, and Kern leaves with both Ragde, and Rizzo. After about an hour, Ragde comes flying back to inform us that Kern is on his way. Once back, Kern goes over what he has seen. From the magical drums and smoke, to the guard pattern of the eyes. We realize that even with the eyes on opposite sides of the valley, taking them out one at a time might prove difficult. Remembering that there was still one village that was supposed to arrive we decide to set up an ambush at our original campsite.
Figuring that the eye was here last night to lead in the group of villagers it was expecting, we are confident that it will make another appearance tonight. We quickly devise our strategy and take our places. I cast Tiny Hut again to screen myself, Nagmar, Opal, and Tamerlin. Kern, Brien, and the familiars hide out in the tree line, and Cham sits in front of a fire all alone about halfway between the hill and the tree line. His idea was he would act as a kind of bait.
We did not have to wait long before the eye appeared over the desecrated hill. It appeared to survey the landscape for a second, then it darted back to the center of the hill, over the tree. The winds kicked up and a fog rolled in, both centered around the dead tree. The winds begin to take form and I recognize the new form as an Air Elemental. As the elemental moves down the hill, the silence is broken by the howl of a wolf, no two wolves! A humanoid figure appears at the top of the hill, flanked by two large wolves. Even from this distance we can tell that it is Haakon the Wolf. The brother we fought in the crypts.
I enchant Nagmar’s axe moments before he takes off, intent on battling Haakon. I see the eye move towards Cham, and the others. Before I can make any sort of action against our foes, I feel the winds around begin to swirl faster. I feel myself being lifted up by the winds high enough to dispel the Tiny Hut spell I had cast. It takes some time but I am finally able to maneuver myself free of the air elemental. After I shake myself off, I blast the creature. Pulse one of the wolves that Nagmar is fighting. My blast is more than enough to vanquish the elemental.
I watch as Haakon descends down the hill, challenging Nagmar directly. As I maneuver closer, I notice that Cham has also moved into a position around the skirmish. Using the logic that Nagmar is my teacher and I should be there with him, I cast a flame enchantment upon my sword and move into a flanking position. This way even if I do not manage to inflict any damage, I can at least give Nagmar a better chance to hit the wolf. I defiantly connect with man, a few times. I think that I am holding my own in this desperate battle, I feel stronger. But before I can get too cocky, Nagmar stagers. The others take this as a cue to jump in and help me finish off Haakon.
Having surrounded the butcher, we quickly gain any ground we have lost. The wolf is looking close to the end. Before anyone can deliver the final blow, he cracks down the middle. Literally. He tears the flesh from his body, seemingly at will. As the flesh shroud that was once Haakon slips to the ground, I gasp in wonder at the presence before me. In side of the man who was Haakon, is a being of unmatched beauty. I can only stare at his Adonis like body, and I begin to feel, warm. I feel dizzy and light headed as my blood boils inside me. Then the entity vanishes, leaving us all in complete darkness. I breath a silent sigh of relief as in the darkness no one can see my…predicament.
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