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7Th Day Cont....

Posted by Mordryth , 08 May 2014 · 1,113 views

After some investigation, and discussion, we determine that there is no way of moving, or disposing of the bodies without releasing the contagion.  Our next step is to make sure that no one else can cast the Gentile Repose spell upon them.  This will cut off the force that is actually sustaining the various diseases.  Once the spell expires, the people, and diseases should die naturally.  To do this, we must first exterminated the vermin from this complex.

We head back to the cross roads and take the other path.  We do not travel very far before we come to another room carved from the rock.  We can see some of what is transpiring within.  It looks like there are four people, surrounding a fifth.  The one closed to the door is forcing the person onto a stone bier, as the other three are apparently casting.  Based on what we have seen so far, we can only deduce that the helpless individual being bound is one of the villagers.  I notice that we have not yet been spotted.  That should give us the element of surprise, if we can get closer without making any noise.

    We creep closer to the door, before we rush in and unleash our unique brand of hell upon the surprised cult members.  I draw my sword and follow suit.  I cannot explain it, but I feel I should conserve the spells I have.  As the cultists scramble to retaliate the attack, the center figure stands up to its full seven foot height.  That is no villager.  I then hear our newest member, Sir Tamerlane, call out to Cham.  Telling him not to use his spells against the creature.  Knowing that Cham favors electrical attacks, I surmise that the thing we are fighting is in fact a Flesh Golem.

    This information effectively leaves all forms of magic out of out attacks.  A flesh golem is only slowed by magic, and Cham’s electric attacks would only heal it.  Taking this as a sign that I made the right decision to attack with my sword, instead of my magic, was the right choice.  As I defend myself from one of the cultists, I explain all of this to Cham. I can tell from his string of curse words, that he is less than pleased at this turn of events.

Once I have defeated the cult member stupid enough to fight against me, I turn to assist with the flesh golem.  My magic may not have an impact, but my sword dose.  Unfortunately, the golem is underimpressed with any of our fighting styles, and decides to knock us around like pestering rodents.  Nagmar however, can give at least as well as he can take.  We do finally defeat the construct, leaving it once again a pile of rotting flesh.
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