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The Family Curse - 03-02-2012

Posted by ladyofdragons , 16 March 2012 · 792 views

What do I say, journal?  Today started with Mordryth deciphering the message I had received from the boy.  It was an address in the better section of the city.  We went there to try to determine who might be out to kill me.  Turns out, it was my half-brother.  I have a half brother!  Too bad he's a complete jackass.  He was apparently trying to st...


Burning Man - 03-02-2012

Posted by ladyofdragons , 09 March 2012 · 834 views

So after the previous attempts to harm me, I'm glad I decided to sleep in my clothes and have my gear neatly packed nearby!  Woke up to a banging on my door, someone shouting about a fire or something.  The door was hot and I could see the smoke coming around.  I grabbed my stuff, pulled out my rope and hike my pack on my back.  Tied the rope to t...


Holed Up - 03-02-2012

Posted by ladyofdragons , 09 March 2012 · 753 views

Ah, a new journal of crispy new pages.  What to say since the last journal was closed?  I went on a journey through Blackwood to the sea, where I got on a ship bound for Corvinia in hopes of finding my blood family.  Oh what a blessing to feel the salt spray and hear the wind move the sails, the creaking of rope and wood, the deck moving beneath my feet...


Looking Back...archived Journals

Posted by ladyofdragons , 15 February 2012 · 780 views

Looking Back...archived Journals This is a reprint of my character Opal's previous journals, to put them all into one spot.

Oh what a fine mess I've gotten myself into - 2002-08-30
I was walking through the town, on my way from one wench hall to another, combing for information about my Captain when I hear a lady scream down a dark alle...

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