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The Family Curse - 03-02-2012

Posted by ladyofdragons , 16 March 2012 · 792 views

What do I say, journal?  Today started with Mordryth deciphering the message I had received from the boy.  It was an address in the better section of the city.  We went there to try to determine who might be out to kill me.  Turns out, it was my half-brother.  I have a half brother!  Too bad he's a complete jackass.  He was apparently trying to stop me from finding my father until next week, because by then my father would be dead and it would make things easier for him.  Lovely.  Keep me from seeing the man in his dying days.  Played it up like he'd be unable to determine who I was.  Turns out my father is certainly of sound mind, though unsound body.  Apparently he's been cursed.  A curse he willingly took upon himself to make sure I reached adulthood alive.  I said I would help any way I could.  To break the curse, we have to get the tooth of a hydra, and the fat of a troll.  No small task, either of those.  but my friends said they'd help.  Odd to think of them as friends, but if they're wiling to help out I guess that makes them worthy of the term.  We talked over some plans, and we're on the way to the family mine where apparently there's a hydra holed up.

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