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Firey Heads Of Doom

Posted by Mordryth , 05 April 2012 · 1,720 views

24th day of the month of harvest's bounty in the year 440

Shortly after entering a larger cavern I sensed movement in the darkness.  The hour had come at last.  I quickly cast freezing weapon on Nagmar’s axe.  As Nagmar moved forward, Kern moved around a large rock formation to the right.  Then all hell broke loose, as the Hydra let loose two turrets of flame.  One enveloped Nagmar, as the other engulfed Kern.  As the spots from the sudden burst of fiery light fled from my eyes, I witnessed Nagmar sever two of the eight heads with one sweep.  Whenever one of us removed a head either Cham or I would cast an Acid or cold spell to retard the stump from growing another two heads.  As Opel, Kern, and Nagmar engaged the beast from multiple angles, Cham and I took to magic.  It has been too long since I was able to unleash my fury, I had almost forgotten the pure ecstasy of it.  Although I was forced to show some restraint, as there was barely any light.  Of course it is not like my companions do not know what I do.
And then finally it was over.  Nagmar struck a mighty blow and the beast fell silent.  Just as we let our guard down the beast renewed it’s attack.  Directly at Nagmar, taking him down.   I watch the barbarian, my mentor and sword master, lie there silent as the grave.  Something snapped.  Without thinking I charged the beast head on.  Lucky for me Nagmar was unconscious and could not witness the sloppy attack.  But as my foolish antics held its attention, the rest of my party destroyed what little life it had left.
After the battle Opel, Cham, and myself explored the cavern as Nagmar rested and healed.  We found some interesting items, some of them magic.  After resting some more and collecting the Hydra teeth, we set off to explore the rest of the mines.  I am very glad we did.  We found that they mine adamantine!  Now to deliver the teeth to Opel’s father and locate a Troll for the next ingredient.

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