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29Th Day Of The Month Of Harvest’S Bounty In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 10 February 2014 · 774 views

Everything moved in slow motion as I watched Nagmar charge the other wizard.  I tried to stop the behemoth, but he never slowed down.  As he made contact with the caster, a loud boom was all I could hear as I was knocked back against the wall.

    No sooner had the wizard dropped than the casket burst open.  A large man with rippling muscles burst out and, not looking happy, attacks the party.  Turns out that the wizard was the person we came here to get.  He was attempting to seal the large, brooding warrior in the crypt were he could no longer do any harm.
Nagmar recognized the attacker as Hakon the Wolftooth. A former member of his tribe.  Hakon and his brothers, apparently once attempted to sacrifice their entire tribe in a ritual to “Open the gates to another world.”  Nagmar goes ape [BROWNIES] and attacks Hakon. I start with a Lightning bolt as the rest of the party fights back.
Hakon summons two dire wolves to attack us.  Most of the party concentrates there attacks on the wolves as Nagmar and myself continue to go after Hakon.  As each wolf is dispatched they disappear in a cloud of shadows.  Hakon makes his escape despite both Cham and myself blasting away with our magic. Nagmar looks winded.
As Nagmar tells us about the three brothers and there intriguing plan, I search the mage taking his sash and his pouch from his corps.  I am interested in the “empty” pouch, but see little use for the sash.  Nagmar is determined to stop Hakon from re-uniting with his brothers and attempting to take revenge upon the tribe.

It is decided that we will pursue the greater threat and head north beyond the sea.  Unfortunately this means that I will be unable to attend Galeron’s wedding.  I really need to make it up to her, this is the first time I have ever let her down.  At the first town we come to I send the mage’s sash to Opal’s father with a brief account of what happened to his friend.  Then I send a letter of apology to Galeron begging her forgiveness.

In order to combat our new foes, it is decided that we will need to research what they did the first time.  This brings us to Stormwinds, my old school, which is on the Island of the Winds.  This is where I was sent after my Uncle was abducted by the authorities.  As soon as we dock I head for the familiar scents and sounds of the coffee shop I used to work at and hang out at.

Cham follows me to my refuge and proceeds to pester me about the type of crude things he usually goes on about.  This time is different.  As he asks and prods about the females of the school I try to shake him off as I usually do, but several of the boys seem to appear out of nowhere as I become flummoxed and have a hard time talking.  I try to deflect Cham’s questions and ignore the elven men, as best I can.  I feel like I am suffocating and for the first time I am happy to leave my old sanctuary.

As the rest of the party searches for information about our quarry, I take the time to research some new spells, and to commission some leather armor. When I encounter the party again our plans are set, we will travel through Shaehen to Nagmar’s people.  I feel the air drain from the room at the mention of the elven Kingdome.  I hope nobody notices as I fight the crude images that assault my mind.

I am blissfully distracted by the introduction of our newest companion.  He is a Human called Sir Tamerlin.  Judging by his armor and weapons he is a fighting sort, but he surprised me with his knowledge of thing more scholarly.  He noticed my sword and knew that it was from the Lycae Arcanum.  He has some knowledge of the forgotten school, and I think he might just be able to help me get past some more of the obstacles.

    It will take about one day longer than we had planned for the armor to be ready. Nagmar balks at my request for an extension, but I end up convincing him that it would be for the best.  I also remind him that he is the reason for our haste and for my absence at my sister’s wedding.  He does not seem to understand, but I have a suspicions that he is only pretending his ignorance.

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