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30Th Day Of The Month Of Harvest’S Bounty, In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 922 views

We set sail for Shaehen on board the ship, The Sirens Pride.  She was piloted by the second most annoying gnome I have met.  Nagmar spent most of the voyage pacing the deck, full of nervous energy.   His anxiety is almost palpable.  He is taking the release of Hakon very hard. I think I need to develop a contingency plan should his zealotry take things too far.  I spent my time practicing katas on deck and copying my new spells into my spell book.  I think a couple of them would be quite useful in the months ahead.  
    As for the rest of the party, Opal volunteered to help with the shiply duties.  Out of all of us she was definitely the most at home on the water.  Cham ended up winning a few coppers in a dice game below decks. I saw very little of Kern during the trip. The druid did not seem to enjoy the choppy waters much, and stayed below as much as possible.  I did have the opportunity to converse with Sir Tamerlin.  The conversations was light, mostly about magic theory.  I asked several pointed questions, all designed to gauge the man’s actual knowledge.  I was impressed with what he knows, and what he admitted to not knowing.  I expected bluster but was treated with humility.
    The journey from Stormwinds, to Ceberlorn, is not that long, but I do have time to try on my new armor during our trip.  It feels a bit tight is spots, but I am told that when the leather stretches it will be fine.  I cast my Dragon’s Wings and they sprout right through the slits of the armor without any problems. I am quite pleased with the craftsmanship and embellishments as well.
    We arrive in Ceberlorn and our ship is forced to sit there for several hours.  We are informed that tomorrow is a huge festival.  It is the High Festival, celebrating the wealth of the harvest. We watch as a ship anchored by the rocks get preferential treatment and the catamaran shuttles attend them first.  More time is spent floating in the pestilence called a harbor. Finally it looks like one of the transport shuttles is heading towards our ship.
Later we find out that the vessel by the rocky cliffs belongs to the Duchess of Loward.  I may not be a duke, but I DO have a title and I am quite upset about being treated like common riff raff!  As the town representatives board the Sirens Pride to ask us about our business, I am ready to give them a piece of my mind.  There is a female Halfling, someone else, and an amazingly attractive Elf with fiery red hair and britches tight enough to make me blush as I gaze at his…parts.
    I feel my body betray me and blush more as he starts speaking. I cannot hear what he is saying over the ringing in my ears, and my struggle to breathe.  Something about our business here and how long we intend to stay.  Feeling dizzy and unable to look at the elven Adonis, I deflect all the questions to Cham.  I think I said some things as well, but I know we got accommodations at The Four Pegasi.  It is an inn located in the upper section of the city.  The elf, Meren, then gave us our visas and made the accommodations for us himself. We thanked him and boarded the catamaran that would take us to shore.  After we disembarked we headed to our lodgings for the next couple of days.
    Once outside and moving I began to feel better.  As we walked through the city, my head cleared and I was able to breathe again.  The architecture of the city was bowl shaped, with our destination at the top.  As we walked to the inn no one talked, or if they did my mind was distracted with images of the elf, that I did not hear them.  We arrive at the inn and I can see right away that Meren did not lie. This is the type of luxury that I missed being on the road.  And to walk in to an establishment and smell the faint bouquet of fermented grapes, instead the pungent odor of whatever it is that Nagmar drinks, is superbly refreshing.
    We approach the inn keeper and inform them that we are staying in their establishment.  She looks us over and her face tells us that she thinks us little more that destitute beggars.  Given the state of our dress, and appearance, I can hardly blame her skepticism, as she asks to see our visas.  Having verified the authenticity of the documents, we are shown to our rooms.  By that I mean that each one of us has our own room!  I do not have to spend the night listening to Cham being as crude and offensive as he can be.  My own room, my own bed, oh gods my own bath! I know what I will do first!
    I immediately go down to the common room and order a bath drawn and a bottle of wine.  I notice that Kern has also decided to have a bath drawn.  Nagmar, Opal, and Cham decide to journey back down to the docks and patronize one of the rowdier businesses.  I do not see Sir Tamerlin or Brjin, but then I did not come down stairs for a head count.  I arrive back at my room just as the last bucket of water is being poured into the tub.  I thank the servant and tip him a silver swift.  After opening the bottle of red wine, I disrobe and slowly ease myself into the water.  All too soon I realize that the water is now tepid, and the wine is empty.  Feeling a mellow fog from the wine, I decide to get dressed and go downstairs for another bottle.
    Once down stairs, I run in to Meren again, and feel my pulse quicken.  The wine has made it easier for me to breathe and to actually talk to the elf.  He sees me as well and we end up sitting together by the fire as he orders us another bottle of wine.  We sit and talk for hours, drinking our wine as the glow of the fire illuminates his elven features.  I feel like I could gaze upon his beauty for days.  Some of the things he says make me blush violently, and did I actually squeak when he touched my leg?
    Not long after we finish our third bottle of wine, I feel the warm intoxicating effects controlling my thoughts and actions. He opens his mouth to speak, I think he is going to ask me to his room, and I think I am going to say yes!  Before he can say anything the front door bursts open as Cham arrives back to the inn.  He sees Meren and myself sitting in our intimate nook by the fire and approaches.  He sits down next to me and begins to babble about something.  I only half hear him as I watch Meren’s unspoken question die on the air.
    Cham is there only a few short moments, but he does inform me of that the festival tomorrow begins with very loud horns, very early in the day.  Shortly after Cham leaves Meren stands and declares he is turning in for the night as well.  I follow him up the stairs but when I get to my floor I hesitate for a while, trying to determine if I was correct in translating his words.  If I was not then what would he think of a stupid wizard stumbling to his room?  But what if I’m right? Am I ready for what comes next?  I feel nervousness and fear grip me.  I think I might pass out here on the stairs as my legs do not seem like they will carry me anymore. Soon the moment is gone and I return to me room.

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