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5Th Day Of The Month Of Feasthall In The Year 440

Posted by Mordryth , 11 February 2014 · 1,017 views

After two days of travel on what is not my horse, we reach our destination. As we gaze upon the ruin and decimation before us, Sir Tamerlin tells us the history of what happened here. Apparently this mound of rubble and ruin was once a prosperous town. That is until Kaetilmund the Raven came and razed the town, killing everyone and erasing the town from the earth. The large hill in the center of the scorched earth is actually a mass grave. The dead villagers as well as the rubble and remains of the town itself were dumped here, creating a hill. At the top of the grave sits a marker made from a silver birch tree, which, when it was alive, was the symbol of the town. This sacred tree, once a symbol of life and hope has become a beacon of death and decay.
We arrive close to night fall and our guide decides to stay the night with us, instead of traveling back in the darkness. As he attends to the horses, I cast Tiny Hut and create a suitable shelter for the night. Once the party is finished marveling at my brilliance, they enter the dome and we busy ourselves in setting up camp. I cook a rather noteworthy meal with the meager provision I have to work with. Once finished with supper, I study my spells for the next day and preform my evening stretches. After that I lay down on my bedroll and fall asleep.
  Suddenly I am woken up by Brjin who tells me something is wrong. Of course something is wrong, something is always wrong. I immediately raise the light level in the dome to a dim glow and survey the area. As I watch, I see an odd globe floating in the air. It is solid and looks metallic. As I struggle to place it, it becomes agitated and bolts out of our camp. It looks to made out of blades and a single eye. I am certain that it is not of this world. I make a mental note to start researching the various plains. I am ashamed of this particular gap in my learning.
By this time the rest of the party has risen, they are all on alert. As I ponder the nature of our intruder, I spot an almost imperceptible movement in the tree line a few yards away. It looks like six canine figures stalking past us. I point them out to Nagmar as two of them split off of the main pack and ascend the hill on the other side of us. It is difficult to follow them, since it is little more than a black blur in front of a darker shadow. If not for the slight red glow of their eyes I do not think I could have spotted them at all.
As we watch them move, I see them sniff at the air. They can sense something amiss but cannot discern what. They suddenly tense up and freeze were they are. They then all turn their heads in our direction. Even though they cannot see us through my spell, they are perfectly capable of smelling and hearing us. Having gotten our scent, they charge in our direction. They know we are some were, but know not our exact location. As we have a slight advantage at the moment we begin to ready ourselves for the beasts charge.
Nagmar, Cham, and I take up position on one side of our screen, as Opal, Sir Tamerlin, and Brjin take up arms on the other. Only Kern has presence of mind to hastily don his armor. Once the beasts close in on our position, they let forth a fiery blast of breath. This completely negates my attack plan of using fire based spells and I fall back on the few non fame spells I have. Nagmar, in true Nagmarian fashion, charges to attack them head on. With a combination of spells and swords, we put down the last of the vile hounds. Opal looks to be the worst hit in the skirmish, and Brjin tends to her wounds.
As we recover from our tussle, the silence is broken by the sound of clapping! A lone figure emerges from the woods, clapping it’s hands. It is about as large as Nagmar, has horns, and looks to be dressed in robes. As the fiend nears, I can see the robes are actually made out of long strands of parchment, written in a language I cannot decipher. He tells us that he is pleased with our fight against the hell hounds, and that he can aid us on our quest. I learn that the parchment and writing are contracts he made with thousands of being before. He tells us that one of the contracts was made with Kaetilmund, and that the long lived rogue has found a loophole in there contract. Unfortunately he is unable to attack or cause harm to the Raven directly.
New I hear his voice inside my head. I recognize this as telepath and listen to his offer. He wants us to track down and kill Kaetilmund, thus terminating the contract, and sending the man to his long awaited death. As we convers inside my head, I can see that he is also talking to the rest of the party. I believe that he is offering a similar deal, kill the Raven for some boon. I feel myself blush as I realize that my first thoughts were of a much more personal nature than my desire to expand my power. Shaking the lewd images from my head I focus on desirers more appropriate to the situation. I still need to obtain Zorin’s box for my uncle. Not to mention that I also do not possess enough power to enter the Lycae Arcana. I quickly accept his offer, asking for assistance into the Lycae Arcana, and the knowledge contained within. I still believe I can get Nagmar to relinquish the box to my care. He agrees with a cryptic warning about what is also frozen in time within the ancient school.
Having concluded our business, a new contract forms from his garments. Upon it I see my name and the deal we have made. Shortly after that Opal starts to respond to her telepathic conversation, using her speech. From her tone I surmise that she is frustrated about something, scratch that, someone. I am sure that even Cham can guess to whom she is upset at. I get the impression that it is a deliberate tactic to inform the rest of the party that there is one among us who is stubbornly refusing to make any sort of deal. We find out that my initial guess is accurate, it is Nagmar. He refuses to make any sort of contract, even though he knows that he will receive the information we need to slay the Raven. We then learn that since this is Nagmar’s quest, if he does not sight, all of our contracts are void and we can all leave if we desire. At Opals cue, we all rally and do our best to convince the thick headed barbarian that this can only benefit him. Cham went even so far as to make his boon, the promise that there will be now reprisals after we are successful and have gone on our way. We successfully convince him to sign and our guest is pleased.
Even though I can only read my deal, and the deal with Cham, who’s deal was made for the whole party, I surmise that it is one signature short of the whole party. I do not understand their reluctance, generally speaking, one should not make uninformed pacts with devils, but there are instances were that is the prudent action. This particular deal, with no small help from Cham, has almost no repercussions that I can tell. Of course our gift themselves are open to interpretation, but even should the knowledge be unattainable I am no worse off than I am now. Not being able to read the contracts I have no idea who could not face such a pact, but if our host is satisfied, then I shall not dwell upon it.
    Mordryth Pendreic

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