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Saardez'kel Missives

Posted by Saardez'Kel , 14 February 2013 · 965 views

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We have a plan of action for getting out of this place we've found ourselves in. First part involves going  back to the burgermeister's house to check to see if his daughter is safe. She's one of the many keys involved in a plan for this Lord Strahd's plan to rule this world and others. I'm a little hazy on the last part of that as this land has exhausted me both mentally and physically. So we head back to his town.

I need to keep a eye on Dragos.

We get back to town and first get the Symbol of Raven Kind. We find it in a shop in the town. As the Brother and the Baron distract the owner I slip past him to the back store room. I keep low so I don't get spotted by a stock clerk. I even distract his attention to elsewhere in the room, which ends up actually scaring him thinking there is ghosts in the room. Whatever makes the job easier. I find the item through my ability to sense magic and casually walk back out.

We then go to check on the burgermeister's daughter. He brother tells us she's gone missing for 2 days. Just simply walked out the door. I investigate her room. No signs of forced or magical entry and all the magical charms in place. Room is clean and well arranged. We then head out to the cemetery on the outskirts of town. According to the gypsy fortune teller there is a twin light sword to a twin dark sword that needs to be combined. I figured that the dark sword she mentioned at the time of the reading was the one we were tasked with by the Dwarvania council to destroy and that has be sapping away the already fragile sanity of Donal. In one of his moments of sanity Donal tells me he's come to the same conclusion. Why it has to be destroyed here and not where we come from has me puzzled..

We get to the cemetery. In the middle is a reflecting pool with mist covering it. I hear a voice saying to make a offering. I offer it two silvers from this land. Nothing happens. I was going to offer it Cory's dagger we had found stuck in a tree the night before but for some reason didn't. Donal offers it a Quintessa coin we somehow found in this land. A image of Cory appears but it is not Cory but a interactive illusion. It tells us we have to face the guardian to retrieve the sword and points to a mausoleum.

I tell the Brother to keep a eye out on Dragos.

Then the dead start to raise from their graves. They seem to do that a lot here. A wraith and some skeletons appear in front of me, Donal and the Brother. More skeletons and these brown lumps appear surround the group. Me and Donal take on the wraith with the help of a magical wall of fire. By the sound of the voice for the incantation it is the Baron's magical ability causing it to spring to life. And true to our MO it starts the trees by the mausoleum to smolder. Donal and me take down the wraith and the group mops up what's left of the skeletons. Now it's time to face this guardian and get this sword.

I have to remember to keep a eye on Dragos.

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